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Chimney cap installation

Chimney Caps - All Styles

Without a chimney cap, all you have at the top of the flue is an open hole. To prevent rodents, leaves or precipitation from falling inside, you'll need to install a cap. A wide variety of materials and styles make it easy to get one that looks great.


Damper Repair

After years of constant exposure to heat, ashes and moisture, many fireplace dampers will become stuck, warped or inefficient. We repair and replace all types of dampers - top mount and throat dampers.

Chimney cap installation

Masonry Repair

Structurally sound masonry is vital for good fireplace and flue health, after all, it’s what keeps the chimney standing upright. With our years of experience, practice cleaning and maintaining chimneys, we are also highly skilled at masonry services.

Chimney cap installation

Leak Repair

If you’ve had a tornado or lightning strike your chimney, then it’s easy to see the damage. However, detecting leaks is not always so straightforward. We can help find leaks in your fireplace system.

Chimney cap installation

Flashing Repair

Your flashing serves as the water barrier between the roof and the brickwork to help prevent leaks. Without sturdy flashing, water enters the roof and attic causing leaks.

Chimney cap installation

Animal And Nest Removal

If animals are heard in your fireplace or if there is a foreign smell coming from it, then you might be experiencing animal infestation. Birds, squirrels, and raccoons will often nest in chimneys or fall into the flue. If this is the case, you should take action soon.

A Clean Chimney Is A Safe Chimney!

Flue Cleaning Services Eugene

Performing an annual chimney cleaning is necessary to keep your home safe and your hearth functioning properly. Over $200 million in property damage is caused by unmaintained chimneys every year, not to mention injuries and fatalities. Smoke, water vapor, tar fog, gases, un-burned wood particles, hydrocarbons, and various minerals pass through flues when wood burning fireplaces & wood stoves burn. Creosote is highly combustible and can cause a fire to spread, which can cause serious damage to your house. The inside can also get corroded by corrosive acid produced by boilers, hot water heaters, and furnaces. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends an annual chimney sweep and inspection for this reason.

 Wood burns producing a black, sticky combustible layer that must be cleaned regularly. We brush the inside of your chimney to remove any built-up soot. Burnt solids can build up from a thin layer to a heavy buildup depending on your usage. A yearly cleaning by Your Best Chimney Sweep will eliminate your concerns and give you peace of mind.

Mortar And Chimney Repair

Most people don’t realize how complex a chimney is. There are several possible causes of problems, such as improper venting. As soon as you notice any problems, you should repair it as soon as possible to ensure its efficiency and safety.

They sustain more damage from water than from fire. The roof and eave protect the masonry work and other materials that make up your home. Standing stoically over your roofline, your chimney endures constant exposure to the elements.

There are many types of materials used in brick chimneys, including mortar, brick, terra-cotta tile, steel, and sometimes even cast iron. During prolonged exposure to the environment, these materials deteriorate. It is common for masonry materials to deteriorate quickly if there is a continuous freeze/thaw process, in which moisture penetrates, freezes, expands, and causes stress.

We can help you with brick masonry, firebox, lining, cap, crown, and more fireplace repair work. Call today!


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